Do You Dread Getting Up Close & Personal With Your Pooch?

During these uncertain times, you can be sure there is someone that is happy to have us locked-in at home…and that’s our dog! And let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than snuggling up in front of the TV with our furry friends.

However, whilst it’s lovely to spend some extra quality time with our canine companions, you do get to be a bit more “up close and personal” and get a regular “whiff” of their breath or back-end gases, which could, quite frankly, clear a room! But, unfortunately, that might not even be an option at the moment!

But you’ll be glad to know, there is a simple solution so neither you, or your dog, have to suffer in silence any more… 

Both of these “odour issues” are often simply a sign of a digestive problem, from gas that is produced by bacteria that feed on undigested food sitting in the intestines. 

The longer the food takes to digest, the more gas is produced. There are many different types/strains of bacteria that reside there, and they can vary between dogs. 

Probiotics are essentially strains of “good” bacteria to help break down the undigested food more quickly, regulate bowel movements and relieve the pain caused by pressure in your dog’s gut. 

Of course, once your pooch has the right probiotics in their gut, it’s important to keep them constant, in order for them to have a positive and ongoing effect.

Please note that for maximum efficacy any probiotic supplement must contain a prebiotic too. 

Why is that? 

Put simply, the prebiotic acts as a carrier and anchor for probiotics to make it to the gut, so increase helpful bacteria in the colon. Because it has this effect, the ingredient “Inulin” is called a prebiotic and also provides food and fuel for the probiotics to grow and survive in the gut.

And that’s not all! 

Prebiotics have other health benefits; they help increase the amount of calcium and other minerals your dog can absorb from their food, support a healthy immune system and relieve intestinal problems. Inulin also lowers levels of triglycerides, a type of blood fat.

FidoActive’s Advanced Probiotics supplement (with Prebiotic) is in powder form, odorless and tasteless, so super easy to introduce into your dog’s daily regime – easily mixed into their regular dry or wet food and suitable for even the pickiest of pooches!


However, please remember, while probiotics can restore digestive health and more, they are not a replacement for poor diet – they go hand in hand (or should that be paw in paw) with a healthy balanced diet. They can take a little while to start working though, so be patient, but they will do your pooch the power of good in the long run.

In the meantime, try to introduce your pooch some crunchy healthy treats, like carrots and apples (but make sure no seeds!). The act of chewing these, like a bone, help to break up tartar and bacteria on teeth that can make a bad breath problem even worse!

Wishing you and your canine companions the best of health – always!




Helen Broadley

& The FidoActive Team



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