About Us

Faithful & Active

Fido means faithful & loyal
– a quality that your dog gives unconditionally
Active is what we want every dog to be!

We are a small business of dog lovers who have been motivated to create products that promote good health in our best friends and reward their loyalty during their lifetime by helping them to have a happy and active life!

FidoActive was created in the memory of Brillo!

Brillo was an abandoned dog that we rescued and adopted - he loved nothing more than chasing ball and going for long woodland hikes!

Unfortunately, he suffered arthritis from quite a young age and also had to have an operation to repair a torn cruciate ligament. As time went by, he still wanted to do the things he loved but suffered severe pain afterwards and would literally seize up when resting on his favorite sofa.

Eventually, it got to a stage where we were told by our vet that we had to limit his walks to a couple of short 10 minute walks a day.

No more hills! No chasing balls! No more fun!
A concept that Brillo obviously didn’t understand!

He had to be lifted in & out of the car, ‘bunny-hopped’ down stairs and moved to a dog bed by the heater because he couldn’t jump onto his sofa any more.

We discovered the benefits of glucosamine & chondroitin and have no doubt that we reduced his pain, helped speed up the post-op recovery period and improved his quality of life.

FidoActive is a superior formula to the one we had available to us, specifically produced for dogs that suffer from arthritis or hip dysplasia and can also be given to younger dogs as a preventative measure.

Of course, that was just the start of the FidoActive journey and inspiration for our first product! We ensure that we apply the same principles to all our products: providing superior, safe, effective (but affordable!) supplements your dog will love.