Furry Neighborhood Watch in the Big Freeze

I can’t think of anything better than snuggling up with a furry friend to keep each other warm and cosy, but it is clear that not all dog owners are dog lovers.

As parts of the country are gripped in the coldest temperatures in history, you may have seen the heart-breaking reports in the news about dogs left outside that have frozen to death.

How can this happen? Is it down to education or cruelty? Either way, these horrendous cases could have been prevented, if just one neighbor, friend or passer-by had taken a minute out of their day to help these poor dogs.

Yes, it’s great that many states and local jurisdictions are dealing out harsher penalties for animal cruelty, but this is cold comfort for the poor canine companions that suffered such a painful death.

Sure, dogs grow thicker coats in winter, but this is not sufficient to keep them warm in the severe cold temperatures, that have reached -6Cin even the mildest climes and wind chills making it feel another -10C to -20C colder! They do not have any fur on their paw pads, nose or other extremities to protect them from painful frostbite –Even super-furry Huskieslikea helping hand in these bone-chilling times!

So, with weather forecasters predicting more of the same frigid temperatures, please take a minute to just look out of your window or check yards as you drive/walk round your neighborhood and see if there is some poor pooch chained out in the cold or has no insulated shelter.

If you can offer help to your neighbor, by helping them improve their dog’s shelter arrangements then that’s the ideal immediate solution. I know some people don’talways take kindly to this, if it’s taken as personal criticism, but most would gratefully receive “surplus dog blankets, cushions or beds etc. that would otherwise be thrown out”.

HOWEVER, if you have serious concerns about the dog’s welfare then PLEASE DON’T WAIT to contact the ASPCA. You really could save a dog’s life!

Not sure when cold is too cold for your pooch?

We’ve pulled together a FREE guide of useful tips to keep your furry friends healthy, warm and safe throughout the winter months – Why not share the love and print off an extra copy for your neighbor, if you feel they could benefit from some tips.

Wishing you and your canine companions the best of health – always!




Helen Broadley & The FidoActive Team 

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