Not long now until one of the best working Fridays ever!


As per usual, the arrival of the new furry co-workers will no doubt create a lot of excitement, so before you leave tonight, just take a few minutes to ensure your work place is doggie-proof, to avoid any little mishaps or accidents.

  1. Make sure any garbage cans within your dog’s reach are emptied.
  2. Remove choking hazards, such as pens, highlighters, pins, clips and other stationery items.
  3. Hide human cookie and candy jars – bring your own dog’s favorite treats and hand out to any co-workers. This is a great way to help train socialization with strangers – just get them to ask you pup to sit before they give them the treat.
  4. They may be willing to sacrifice their favorite snack for your furry friend, but politely remind your co-workers that chocolate and peanut butter containing xylitol are toxic to dogs. Perhaps put a little sign next to your dog, directing them to his special treats.
  5. Clear a space for a bed or blanket, so your pup has somewhere comfortable to lie.
  6. Identify a place to comfortably secure your pup on their leash, if necessary, to keep them close to you but not a tripping hazard for your co-workers.
  7. Pack their office bag tonight, so you don’t forget any doggie essentials rushing out of the door in the morning:

Food & Water (for the whole day, including journey)


Favorite treats

Bed &/or blanket

Favorite toy & chew to keep them occupied

Collar & Leash

Poop bags and cleaning supplies to clear up any mess inside or outside

Information about your local animal rescue centers

 Please be sure to give your pooch regular breaks – if they’re not used to a crowd of people or it’s your pup’s first time in this strange environment, a short break with their human will help calm them down or, conversely, relieve boredom. This is especially important for your senior dogs or if they suffer from joint issues such as arthritis, to stretch their legs and help relieve stiffness from lying in the same position for a long while.

We hope you and your canine companions have a happy and tail-wagging TYDTWD!

Helen & The FidoActive Team

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