10 Top Tips To Keep Your Canine Cool & Safe This Summer

            By Helen Broadley for FidoActive 


Let’s make sure we make the most of our time with our furry friends and help them (and us!) get in tip-top condition!

Wishing you and your canine companions a summer filled with tail-wagging fun!




Helen Broadley & The FidoActive Team

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To find out more about FidoActive all-natural products, just click the image
To find out more about FidoActive all-natural products.  just click the image







What FidoActive customers say:

“I have a sixteen-year-old dog with severe arthritis in his back legs. For him, FidoActive is the difference between being able to come upstairs to bed or not, go on long walks, or comfortably sleep through the night. While other glucosamine supplements worked alright, this is the first that my dog actually enjoys eating.” R. Smeck

“Dog went from a barely moving to running around and playing with our pup!” C. Lindquist

These folks and their product go above and beyond to assist dogs and their care-takers to be…happy and healthy! You will not be sorry should you JUMP at the opportunity to try this with your four pawed room mate(s)! My two hound dog adoptees sure are benefitting from the experience!!Both my dogs love these and are spry as jumping beans!” J.Pinney

“My dog is 13 we’ve been using this about a year. I started out giving him 3 pieces a day for the first 2 containers and now I give him 2 pieces every day. He’s a 25 lb Boston terrier my wife and I are amazed because he runs to the kitchen in the morning when I get up and he hasn’t been this agile in 3-4 years makes me wonder if it would help with my legs.” K.Irving

“Best product I have ever used on my dogs. My dogs look healthier, more spring in their step, and more playful than they ever were. My vet even noticed the difference. Thank you for such great product.” Bonny

This is a great product. It has energized both of my dogs. Have an Australian Shepherd mix and a Pitt bull. Less scratching and their system is more regular. C. Newbould

This is super great! Love this for our dogs and keeping them healthy! I give to my dogs daily and they never had any GI issues. We also give to our new rescue dogs and helps them get healthy & stay healthy! Furry Friends Rescue


About the Author: Helen Broadley

Helen Broadley is co-founder of FidoActive, a small business of life-long dog owners and dog lovers who have been motivated, by their own experiences, to create superior, all-natural products that promote good health in all canine companions.

Helen has been surrounded by dogs since her childhood and been a dog parent all her adult life – from pedigrees to mutts – but she loves them all the same!

She regularly volunteers at animal rescue centers, often having that as her main vacation activity. FidoActive also supports the amazing work of many community rescue shelters across the USA through product donations, to help get their furry residents in tip-top condition whilst waiting for their forever home. 

The FidoActive team believe wholeheartedly that the best way to reward their best friends’ unconditional love and loyalty is by helping them to have a healthy, happy and active life.  


You can find out more about FidoActive and theirall-natural products on their website:  www.fidoactive.com




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