Pet Theft Awareness Day

Do you really value your dog?

If it were a choice between your TV or your precious pet, which would you rather a thief takes? The obvious answer is “neither” but at least your house contents are insured and can be replaced. Sadly, our unique furry family members can’t simply be “replaced”, so what can you do to help protect them from being stolen?

Raising Awareness of Dog Thefts

February 14th each year is not only Valentine’s Day but it is National Pet Theft Awareness Day in the United States. The aim of the special day is to bring awareness to pet owners that they really need to do something about preventing the theft of their beloved animals. Makes sense doesn’t it?

At this point you might be wondering how anyone could be so heartless to steal a dog or other pet from their owner. Well dogs are always the top pickings and stolen to order due to their markings, breed or coloring. There are other reasons, such as being put in a puppy farm to be used as a breeding machine, used as fighting dogs, or worse still used as bait –  but in the main it is all about making money. It is also possible that your pooch just wanders off, simply because they could!

Don’t Let Your Dog Be Stolen

Did you know that every year there are nearly 2 million dogs stolen in the USA alone and every year this figure is increasing? Can you imagine the devastation of losing your precious pooch to thieves? It doesn’t bear thinking about does it.

It is all too easy to believe that the theft of your dog will never happen to you. But the growing numbers suggest that you and your pet are at risk and only a small number are ever reunited with their loving owners again.

So are you prepared to do something about it? If so, read on…

Prevention Methods for ensuring your Dog is not Stolen

There are a number of things that you can do to prevent your dog from being stolen. Most of them are just plain common sense but how many jobs are left undone because “we just haven’t had the time to get around to it yet.”  Believe me, it will take far less time to ensure your pet is safe and secure than searching for them if they go missing!

A Contained Environment

If your best friend likes to wander around in your yard then ensure that it is fully contained and that there is no way in or out for thieves. If you have a gate then fix a secure lock to it –  a strong padlock is a good idea.

Always use a Leash

No matter how well trained your dog is if they are not restrained by a leash when they are outside then they are a lot easier to steal.

Always Watch your Pooch

How many times have you seen it? Someone is in a store and they have tied up their precious dog outside. It was always a recommended way of helping socialize our pups but this is really asking for trouble on so many levels. Friendly dogs don’t know friend from foe and thefts can easily happen in this scenario and also your dog could just break free and run away.

How Organized is your Dog’s Information?

This is an “after the event” measure. Having just suffered the heartbreak of your canine being stolen you need to pull yourself together and get looking. Having a recent picture is a great idea, as is keeping everything about your dog (such as medical details) in one place.

What about Micro Chipping?

The micro chipping of pets is rising in popularity for very good reason. It is not possible to remove a micro chip as they are not located in tags or collars. If you move home then it is really easy to update the information in your dog’s micro chip.

Let’s say that your canine gets lost instead of stolen. A shelter picks up your dog and most of them have a micro chip scanner which will easily identify you as the owner. A tearful reuniting with your precious canine quickly follows. The majority of dogs don’t even realize that they are having a micro chip injected and will not feel it afterwards.

If your Dog is Stolen

In the event of a dog theft notify law enforcement offices, shelters and veterinary clinics immediately. In addition, post notices on social media and produce reward posters and distribute them throughout your neighborhood.

The preventative measures above can save you a lot of heartache. Don’t let these heartless thieves get away with it. Losing your pooch will be unbearable for you and your family, so take action today and always look out for your dog because they can’t do it for themselves.


Wishing you and your canine companions the best of health.




Helen Broadley and the FidoActive Team