National Immunization Awareness Month

Just like it is important for us, it is also important for our pets to stay on top of their vaccines and immunizations.

Because these factors may change over time, the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital recommend the vaccination plan for each individual pet be decided at routine annual examinations, following a discussion between you and the veterinarian regarding your canine companion’s lifestyle and travel plans in the year ahead.


Why is it so important?

1. It is essential for your pets’ health and help them have a long, happy life. Vaccines can effectively prevent serious canine diseases like distemper, rabies and hepatitis.

2. It is required by law. Different states have different laws governing the administration of some required vaccines. Be sure to check which dog vaccines are required where you live and also states you plan to visit for vacation with your furry family.

3. If you need to board your pet for any reason a vaccination for ‘kennel cough’ or canine infectious disease complex (CIRCD) is essential. Many boarding kennels require the vaccination to be given within 6 months of boarding and at least 10 days prior to boarding for maximum effect.

4. If your pet likes to play outdoors, with other pets, or is a seasoned hiker, it is more likely that they will be exposed to more infectious and potentially fatal diseases. If your pet is vaccinated, its immune system will be prepared to fight these infections.

5. Depending on your geographical location and your pet’s lifestyle, your veterinarian may recommend different vaccinations and the regularity of boosters. Make sure to contact your veterinarian to define which vaccines are important for your pet.

6. It is important to remember that vaccines have saved countless lives. Rabies vaccination, for example, has saved the lives of countless dogs and many humans as well (who could have contracted rabies from dog bites).

Keep safe!




Helen Broadley & The FidoActive Team