If so, please make sure they are safe and sound during the celebrations. Facing all of those sudden noises and firework flashes is likely to spook ANY dog, especially when they haven’t got their best friend to lean on! 

 Take them for a walk before it’s dark (cue for start of fireworks!), so they are dog tired. They are less likely to be startled when fast asleep. 

  Ensure they have their ID on at ALL times – even at home! If they get spooked and bolt, they will often just continue running in a bid to escape the noise, which means they could end up a very long way from home, distressed and disorientated. Their ID is essential to help secure a safe and speedy return of your beloved pet. 

  Close the drapes/blinds to dampen sound and mask flashing lights. 

 Switch on radio or TV to mask sound. 

 Ensure they’re comfy in their favorite spot with a blanket and favorite toy to snuggle up to. 

 Keep them occupied with their favorite chew or treat-filled kong. 

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Wishing you and your canine companions safe and happy celebrations! 




Helen Broadley & The FidoActive Team 

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7 Great Reasons to Walk the Dog – But not just today!

22 February – Walking the Dog Day

By Helen Broadley for FidoActive


Like most dog owners, I would do anything to please my furry best friends. Helping them have a long, healthy and happy life is the least I can do to repay their unconditional love and loyalty. Walking our dogs is a big step to help us achieve that.

We can learn a lot from our dogs about attitude to exercise and particularly how happy it makes them. So the next time you feel like taking a rain-check on a walk with your best friend, just think about these benefits you’re missing out on:

#1. Dogs have to watch their waistline too

As human lives have become less active over the years, due to technological advancements and different foods, it’s very easy to add on a few pounds – this also has a knock on effect to our canine companions. More importantly, as we both get more out of shape, we share the same propensity for health issues associated with being overweight, such as diabetes, heart disease, joint ailments and an increased cancer risk.

#2. Provide a healthy lifestyle

Our canine companions can’t prepare their own food or unlock the door, so they rely on us to be responsible pet-parents and provide them with a healthy lifestyle. They need consistent exercise – the recommendation is for 15-20 minutes of physical activity 3 times every day. Sure, you could just open the door to let them out into the yard, but that’s not a patch on a good walk – which is much more enjoyable and better for both of you.

#3. A top notch exercise motivator 
Dogs have an uncanny knack of knowing exactly when it’s time for their regular walk. They’re not ‘fair weather’ walkers either, so they’ll do everything in their power to remind you that you need to stop lazing on the couch and get out, come rain or shine.


What’s more, you’ll walk longer and faster and burn more calories. It always amazes me how my dog can run up hills as fast as he can down and I can certainly feel the cardiovascular exercise I’m getting when we’re on the trail!

#4. Learn more about your neighbourhood

You certainly get to see more when you’re walking rather than driving and it’s the perfect opportunity to meet some of your like-minded dog-loving neighbors. There’s no better ice-breaker either than talking about your prized pooches.

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, so change your route now and again – it will help you get to know the area better and keep your walks more interesting.


#5. The perfect stress release

Striding out is certainly less stressful than being behind the wheel. A walk with the pooch first thing is the perfect start to the day – the cooler air helps wake you up and their enthusiasm is infectious.

Even after a bad day at work, your furry best friend will greet you home with the warmest welcome. They’ve been waiting for your return all day and there’s nothing like a walk with your best friend to clear the stresses and strains away.

Studies have also shown that stroking a pet can have such a calming influence that it can reduce blood pressure and create a more relaxed state of mind. Less stress, in turn, reduces the likelihood of other related conditions such as insomnia, obesity and heart disease.

#6. Turn your dog walk into dollars

Did you know that you could be supporting your favorite animal organization, just by walking your dog?

Why not look up this new free Walk for a Dog app http://www.wooftrax.com/

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a walk around the block or a long woodland hike, the more people actively walking with the free app, the greater the donation to your selected animal organization! Use the app each time you grab for the leash. It’s healthy for you, your dog, and your favorite shelter or rescue.

#7. Last but not least…

Your dog will love you even more than they do already!

About the Author: Helen Broadley 


Helen is co-founder of FidoActive, a small business of life-long dog owners and dog lovers who have been motivated, by their own experiences,  to create superior, all-natural products that promote good health in all canine companions.

The FidoActive team believe wholeheartedly that the best way to reward their best friends’ unconditional love and loyalty is by helping them to have a healthy, happy and active life.

Helen regularly volunteers at animal rescue centers, often having that as her main vacation activity. FidoActive also supports the amazing work of many community rescue shelters across the USA through product donations, to help get their furry residents in tip-top condition whilst waiting for their forever home.

Fidomeans faithful & loyal– a quality that your dog gives unconditionally 

Activeis what we want every dog to be! 

You can find out more about FidoActive on their website  www.fidoactive.com

There is no better way to get your four-legged friend back on their paws again!